Dec 05 17

Today’s Sewing Fun

I’ve been playing around with some basic leaf shapes with embroidered details, kind of like a basic leaf “sampler.”  I’m on the 2nd round of stitch-outs for them.  These are the first 6 out of 15 total:
This next one is my favorite of this group:
This next one is my LEAST favorite, although I think it would look better if I hadn’t outlined it with such a high contrast thread:
This next one is another fav…I think it’s because I really like the edge-finishing stitched design:
Just 2 more:
Once I get the rest of the 15 leaves done, my plan is to stitch these out using wool for my applique shapes.  Think of the textures!


  1. Janice Says:

    Even your least favorite is beautiful. Living on the coast it reminds me of underwater sea grasses.

  2. kay Says:

    Patsy every time I hit the follow the blog I get a source code and no place to enter my information. Not sure how to sign up