Apr 13 18

A Little Spring Color


A million apologies for the silence on this blog.  My 2+ months of craziness has morphed into 4+ months of craziness and my life is no longer my own.  I’ve somehow managed to complete a few small projects during this time and will try to post about them over the next week or two.  First up is another table runner made from the Swirly Floral Quartet Pattern that you can find by clicking here.  Here is a shot of the block being stitched as a 2-part split design, just after the first half has been appliqued/embroidered:


…and here it is as that second side is being appliqued/embroidered:


…and here is that block once removed from the hoop:


Four squares were pinned to each corner, then attached by stitching along the diagonal to create a half square triangle in each corner:


…and here is the table runner once all 3 blocks have been pieced together:



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  1. Kathy Steigleder Says:

    Hi Patsy, no apologies needed, life happens. I’m glad that you’re able to be where you are needed. Just take care of what you need to.

    I’m looking at your machine embroidered blocks with a new eye. Just got a machine that does embroidery (same brand as yours, it looks like). Stabilizing is giving me fits. If you have a minute, could you share what type of stabilizer you are using? your blocks look so smooth. Thanks