Apr 19 18

More Fun With Arched Swag Border Designs

Isn’t this one striking?  I just love playing around with new arched swag border designs; it never gets old for me.  Here is the preliminary ruler work framework for this one:

This was done using my PTD 12 arc ruler, and it begins with a 1/4 inch parallel channel, followed by a melon shape using the same ruler.  Next up, I added another 1/4 inch parallel channel, followed by a tapered channel (I know it looks like it’s parallel, but it has a subtle taper), and then a final 1/4 inch parallel channel:

So, the shot above is the final ruler work framework.  In this next shot, you can see I’ve started adding some fill-in designs:

…and then the final fill-in:

I’ve stitched out another fill-in option for this same ruler work framework, and I can’t believe how different the two look when compared.  I’ll save that for another post…



One Comment

  1. QuiltShopGal Says:

    Beautiful swag border design. I love it.