May 10 18

More Quilted Ruler Work Swag Border Designs

Can’t seem to stop creating these!  There is no end to how one can divvy up the real estate that lies inside an arched swag framework.  I used my PTD 12 arc ruler to make the initial framework, then threw in a 1/4 inch parallel channel, then a 1/2 inch parallel channel, and then a 3rd 1/4 inch parallel channel:

(Remember, all parallel channels are made using whatever ruler was used to create the original framework, so the PTD 12 arc was the ruler used for all the channels.)  Next up, I threw in a melon shape along the center vertical axis.  I used the PTD 6.5 arc for this, then threw in a tapered channel using the PTD 12 arc ruler:

I then added a featherette to fill the “empty spaces” surrounding the center melon:

…and then I added a row of pearls inside the 1/2 inch parallel channel:

…then finished up with a row of pearls inside the center melons:

I love, love, love designs that merge ruler work and feathers…can you tell?!

One Comment

  1. Louann Holmes Says:

    I love your designs. You inspire me to keep stretching and trying new things. Now I want to do more designs with channels.
    Thank you.