Jun 13 18

Quilting a Featherette Border

Happy summer!  I haven’t posted much for awhile because I haven’t been quilting much.  There’s no good reason for this except that I’ve been kind unfocused, which is not my norm.  I’m trying to force myself to be less goal-driven but I am learning that I am not very good at being unfocused and I don’t really like it!

Anyway, Ern kindly filmed and edited this video showing how to quilt a long featherette border.  This is an easy border design that works well in borders that are 1 inch to 3 inches wide.  If the border is much wider than that, you’ll end up needing to hyperquilt the featherette once it’s done because the plumes will be so large that they are kind of scary!    Thanks much to Ern for his skilled editing…



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