Oct 21 18

Another Quilt From Orphan Blocks

I just finished piecing another donation quilt using orphan blocks, but this time it’s in richly saturated warm colors.  Here are the first 2 blocks:

I know,…talk about BRIGHT!!  Here are 2 more blocks to add into the mix:

You really need a pair of sunglasses to look at these!  I have to say that working with these colors is invigorating, though.  I decided to set them off a little differently than the last quilt, so I added a sashing between them:

…and then I added a narrow border in another warm color around the whole thing:

I realize that this quilt is kind of over powering color-wise, but I am quite drawn to it.  It’s already been basted and I’ve started quilting it, which is my favorite part.  More to follow…

One Comment

  1. Paige @ Quilted Blooms Says:

    Lovely blocks and perfect sashing!