Dec 23 18

My First Orange Peel Quilt

I completed another hospice donation quilt and this one is the first orange peel quilt I’ve made.  Totally, totally fun!  This one is made with very large melon shapes so it makes a very bold statement.  Here are some other shots:

While I was piecing it, my plan was to do far more intricate ruler work inside the orange peel designs.  I ended up leaving it very basic because I thought it would be  more appealing as a snuggly/comfort quilt that way.

There is something very appealing about that bold center section, at least to me! 

The melon shapes are all quilted with a loop-d-loop design.  I just can’t see any point in working hard on an intricate design on busy printed fabrics.  I’ve already started the next melon quilt because this one was so much fun.


  1. QuiltShopGal Says:

    I love the Orange Peel design and this is absolutely the BEST, the MOST BEAUTIFUL Orange Peel Quilt I’ve ever seen. Such cheerful fabrics and colors and lovely quilting. I’m sure whomever receives it will love it. You are so busy, you inspire by not only your beautiful quilting and designs, but your generosity. Bless you.

  2. Janice Says:

    Thank for sharing. I like to see what you’re doing in the quilt world. Lots of good ideas.

  3. Linda E in NM Says:

    This is quite lovely! I certainly agree about no overworking the quilting on very busy fabrics.
    I’m looking forward to the next one…