Feb 08 19

Bold Colors are Back!

My oldest brother needs to have bypass surgery next week, so I’m working on a lap quilt for him to use during his recovery.  He is an aging hippie who loves bold red colors and is also a graphic designer.  I went with another giant-scale orange peel pattern but in very loud and rich colors.  Here is a shot of it on my basting wall:

I ended up outlining the fabric color changes in the orange peel sections and I think that helps to accentuate the graphics of the fabric designs:

The centers of the orange peel blocks are quilted with simple ruler work:

The blue border is quilted with a loop-d-loop design and the outermost border is quilted with a series of arched swags with tapered channels inside:

Here’s a shot of the whole thing quilted:

Hope he likes it and hope he does great with his surgery!


  1. Robbi Imhoff Says:

    This is a great quilt for a guy. Hope your brother sails through his surgery with no complications.

  2. Suzy Webster Says:

    I love the bright bold graphic nature of this quilt. It’s beautiful. I hope surgery goes well.

  3. Linda E in NM Says:

    That quilt should really warm his heart while he undergoes [hopefully] a speedy recovery. Our best wishes to you and him

  4. Sandy Says:

    Best wishes for your brother’s surgery! I’m sure this bright, cheerful quilt will keep his spirits up. 🙂

  5. Samni Bell Says:

    Wonderful and very kind, I hope he sails through this with ‘flying colors’!