Apr 16 09

Another Amish Hyperquilting Sampler Quilt Finished!!

Man, my sewing machine has been smokin’! Actually, I have been spending any time I can with my machine because I’ve just got so much stuff to finish in time for spring quilt market in a few weeks! Here’s the second Amish quilt, now fully quilted and bound!

Sometimes, when I’m up against a deadline, quilting can feel kind of obligatory rather than the fun experience that it normally is for me. By the time I had stitched that border feather, I was kind of feeling that way, so I was viewing the hyperquilting phase of it feeling kind of “put out” about the whole thing. Well, let me tell you, this was a great example of how hyperquilting can breath new life into a quilt! As I started to stitch it out, man, did my heart start to beat! Here’s a shot of just a bit of it as I was still working on the machine:

You can see how much that gold threadwork adds! Fortunately, the excitement of this really “juiced me up,” so stitching the remainder was thrilling for me! Here’s a shot of a corner of it closeup:

OOOOOH-LA-LA!! Once I had finished quilting it, I grabbed that quilt and ran into my husband’s workshop to show him! He’s really supportive of my quilting, but sometimes, he must think I’m just a bit nuts!
Next, I started on a wholecloth quilt that will eventually be hyperquilted with an easy all-over pattern. Here’s the “base design:”

Here’s a close up shot of part of it:

My plan is to color in all the quilted design once it’s been hyperquilted, just as an example of how many different ways you can “play” with your quilt through free motion work. I’ll post more as it develops. For now, I’m sitting at an airport terminal and it looks like my flight is going to depart on time, so I’ve got to sign off!


  1. Maggi Says:

    Another lovely Amish sampler and that wholecloth has gorgeous colours.

  2. carol sloan Says:

    Patsy! Awesome work! er… play, I mean! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Claudia Says:

    Patsy – I am loving the hyperquilted feathers in the photos shown today. Question about the closeups…it looks like the yellow thread hyperquilting is just a re-stitching of the spine and nothing else…is that the case? Or is the hyperquilting thread variegated? Hard to tell in the photos. Thanks for making the fabulous dvds. I am loving them!

  4. Patsy Thompson Says:

    Hi Claudia,
    All of the hyperquilting you are seeing on that quilt is done in solid gold rayon thread. The hyperquilting is stitched as one very long continuous line of stitching in each wreath. The “real” nuts and bolts of hyperquilting feathers involves entering each individual plume and stitching a secondary design within the plume and then exiting the plume and entering the next plume to do the same thing. As you continue onward, you are repeatedly taking that thread line back to the spine guideline, and that is what creates that fabulous “highlighting” of the spine. The spine line itself almost always appears to be a bit of a different color than the stitching inside the plumes, but that’s an illusion created by the fact that there is more dense stitching in the spine area than inside the plumes. It’s weird, some colors highlight the spine in what appears to be a “new” color. (For example, when I hyperquilt in gold but the wreath was originally stitched in blue, the spine almost always looks white! Who knows why, but it does!). I didn’t take many pics of the wreaths themselves, but if you check out what’s up there, you can tell that each wreath is hyperquilted with a different design-I think one is showing that’s a single curly cue and another that’s an inlined heart shape. Hopefully,next week I’ll get up tons of pics of different hyperquilting designs.

  5. Elisabeth Says:

    Hi, Patsy! I admire your great work, and think it is wonderful how you share your knomledge. Beautiful quilting and hyperquilting!!