Apr 23 09

“Free Motion Fun…With Feathers! Volume 2” is here!!

Wow! It’s been a long time in the making, but the second volume of feathers is now here and available for purchase! This baby is HOT and covers more than 28 different feather designs, spread out over 2 discs! With a total play time of 4 hours and 5 minutes, this 2-disc set will keep you busy learning all kinds of fun and innovative feather designs! Here’s what is covered:

We begin with a short chapter discussing and illustrating different types of feathers and the various features you can add to a feather to set different tones to your quilt. The goal of this chapter is to help you organize different feather designs so you can appreciate the predictable effects they will have on the viewer. This will enable you to make effective choices about each and every feather you decide to stitch on your quilt!

From there, we move to a chapter on one-sided freeform feathers; these feathers will be the groundwork for stitching more complex feathers in chapters to come. Examples of this include the basic one-sided freeform feather:

…and the one-sided softened heart feather:

…and the one-sided curved heart feather:

…and the one-sided whimsical feather:

…and the one-sided freeform feather with a true spine:

…and the one-sided freeform feather with a scroll spine:

And in the next chapter, the fun really begins as we take our one-sided feathers and convert them into asymmetric feathers, or feathers with one design on one side and a different design on the opposite side! We begin with an asymmetric whimsical feather:

…and then an asymmetric freeform feather where we’ve melded plumes in with our swirls:

…and then we start to play with asymmetric feathers stitched in more than one thread color:

…and then we look at asymmetric feathers in 2 threads adding some garden elements:

…and then we look at an asymmetric softened heart feather in 2 threads that is also hyperquilted:

Next, we move to creating asymmetric feathers in feathers with a true spine:

…and asymmetric feathers with a true spine using 2 different threads:

Next, we change gears and move to learning new hyperquilting designs for feathers! We start off with inlined hearts:

…and then to loopy heart inlining:

…and the to the serrated frond embellishment:

…and the the single curly cue embellishment:

…and then the double curly cue embellishment:

…and then we move to splayed inlining:

…and then to the splayed serrated frond embellishment:

…and then to the splayed frond embellishment:

…and then to the splayed hearts embellishment:

From there, we move to a chapter called “Hyperquilting Special Effects,” where we learn how to take our new hyperquilting skills and manipulate them to alter our hyperquilted feathers just a bit further. An example of that is asymmetric hyperquilting, where a different design is stitched inside each side of a feather’s plumes:

…and then we move to what I call “double-triple hyperquilting,” where different components of a complex hyperquilting design are stitched in more than one color of thread:

…and then we move to the “motherload embellishment,” where we just throw in pretty much everything except the kitchen sink:

From there, we’ll move to something much calmer as we learn 4 different feather explosion designs. These are all different methods of using feathers as a background fill design:

As you can see, this 2-disc set is overflowing with fun and innovative design ideas for feathers! On top of that, we’ve got some new thread packs available in the store…I’m calling these my “free motion fun thread packs,” as they are a collection of some of my favorite threads for free motion quilting and embroidery! Each pack contains (1) mini-cone spool of 5 different subtly variegated threads from the YLI “Variations” line of trilobal polyester threads, as well as one mini-cone spool of “24-karat gold” rayon thread by Robison-Anton, my favorite thread for hyperquilting feathers:

We also have our 3 thread packs from Superior threads, and because they have raised their prices, the current prices on these 3 packs will only be good through 4/30/09, so check them out if you’re looking for some great threads!

So, if you’re interested in learning some new feather designs, check out the free preview video clip to get a snapshot of what’s on the DVD and start stitching!
(Note:the free downloads are up, but they are password-protected and the password is on the DVD).


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  2. Judy L. Says:

    Amazing feathers. Going to order my DVD now.

  3. Thearica Says:

    Patsy…I received my CD and I am in love with these designs!!

    I also have to tell you that the first quilt I put your hyper quilting designs in won Best Machine Quilting at a quilt show this weekend in Morehead City, NC! I am so excited!

  4. Pat Fernandes Says:

    Your quilting is fantastic!Found your site via Babs McInnis and I am definitely going to buy your DVD.Loved your tale re stem cell donation for cancer. Cancer in some way or other touches us all, whether a friend, relative,colleague and from one who has had cancer, a big thank you.Babs McInnis through her blog on Popular Patchwork is supporting our raffle for The Christie Hospital, Manchester, which is a famous cancer hospital.If your readers could support us too, that would be wonderful.Many thanks and I will be ordering your DVD asap! x Pat