May 21 09

So cute and so Quick, Quilt Market, and Give-Away Winner!

I needed to throw together some quick stuff for examples of different quilting designs for quilt market last week, and these little purses go together so fast and I think they are just as cute as a button! If you’ve ever taken my basic free motion machine quilting class, you know I’m a big proponent of learning new designs on 9 x 12 inch mini quilt sandwiches, and these little purses are a perfect way to use up those mini sandwiches! Here’s another one stitched in the “swirls” design:

…and here’s one more in the “plumify it” design:

If I get any feedback that people are interested, I’d be happy to post a photo tutorial on how to make these because they’re very fast and very fun!

Quilt Market went by very quickly. If you’ve never been, this is a trade show where quilt shop owners from all over the world go to see the latest innovations in the quilting world…new fabrics, books, notions, gizmos, DVDs, you name it! It is HUGE! This was the first year we’ve ever had a booth and it was a great experience to connect with so many new shop owners and to hear such great comments from shop owners who already carry our products. I hardly left my booth, so I didn’t get to see many other booths, but I got to meet Judy Laquidara (see her blog here) and Michele Foster of Quilting Gallery and saw a lot of them as we were in the same aisle. A special thanks to Judy, who sent several hundred readers to my blog earlier this week! Judy gave me tips on my blog so there may be some changes coming up…Here’s a picture of not even one half of Quilt Market; it kind of gives you an idea of just how huge this event is:

And now for the big give-away…the winner is Kathy Plumley from Wellsboro, PA, and a copy of “Fast and Free,” volume 3 is winging its way to her! We also had a big drawing in our booth at Quilt Market and the winner won a 19-in TV/DVD player for their shop, a DVD counter display unit holding 16 free DVDs, and 2 dozen free quilt patterns! The winning shop was Cozy Quilt Shop in El Cajon, CA! Congratulations!

Thank you so much to everyone who posted a comment about the bone marrow/stem cell donation-some of them made me tear up. Many people wrote wondering whether I would get updates on how my bone marrow recipient was doing and the real answer is that I might and I might not. Some transplant centers will give very brief updates at 1 month, 6 mos, and 1 year but others will not give out any info at all. Since I don’t know where my guy is located, I guess that time will tell. But, if I learn anything, I’ll post it here!


  1. Sherri Moore Says:

    Hi Patsy,

    Your little bags are so cute! I would love to get your instructions to make one. Thanks for making such a fun webpage!


  2. Jocelyn Says:

    I too would love to see a tutorial on the little bags. I am very visual, so the pictures would be great! They are very cute.

  3. Sarah Vee Says:

    A tutorial would be great. Thanks for asking. Congrats to Kathy!

  4. Ann J Says:

    A great way to use practice pieces and a tutorial would be much appreciated ! Thanks for sharing……Luv AJ

  5. Patsy Thompson Says:

    Great! Sounds like people are interested, so I’ll throw a new one together this weekend and take some pictures along the way for a blog post!

  6. Anne Says:

    Thanks for offering to do a tutorial. These are so cute and they would be perfect to put an airline ticket and passport in for travel.

  7. Maggi Says:

    A tutorial sounds a great idea, thanks for offering. The Quilt Market looks amazing.

  8. Anya Says:

    Hey, I know Kathy! Congratulations.

    And yes, a tutorial would be great.

  9. deb dolce Says:

    I would love a tutorial! Those bags are really cute!

  10. Sandy Says:

    I’d also love a tutorial. I’m thinking those little bags would be great for rotary cutters and other “gizmos and gadgets”.

  11. Tina J Says:

    I think those bags are cute and I have followed your ideas while practicing, so I would love a tutorial.

    Thanks for all you do!

  12. Karen Martin Says:

    What a candy store for us quilters!!! That’s a great idea. I just got your newest dvd, and I will need something to do with all of my practice pieces. I’ve been watching it at work and can’t wait to get home to get started.

  13. Meredith P Says:

    Thanks for offering the tutorial on your cute little purses. So cute, and what an incentive to complete those practice pieces!

  14. Gwen G Says:

    Looking forward to the tutorial! The purses are so cute! Thanks for posting them.

  15. Terrie Sandelin Says:

    Very, very cute bags! And you can never have too many cute bags, so I’d love to see a tutorial, too!

  16. Lynne in NY Says:

    Oh, please! post a tutorial. The bags are wonderful.

  17. LuAnn in Oregon Says:

    Hi Patsy……….Great bags! Yes….a great way to make use of all our practice sandwiches. I have piles of them! Your bags turned out wonderful…..they really show off all that gorgeous free motion work.
    LuAnn In Oregon

  18. Fiona Says:

    A tutorial would be so cool!

  19. Alice (BCQuilter) Says:


    Yes, Yes, Yes! Oh, you are all ready working on it. Umm… Okay! I am very much looking forward to seeing your tutorial.

    Sounds like Quilt Market was a great event!


  20. Kathy W. Says:

    I’m always so excited when I see a new post on your blog! What cute bags; please post a tutorial. These would make such fast, easy and wonderful gifts. Thanks for sharing so much inspiration.

  21. January Says:

    A tutorial would be great! Thanks for sharing.
    Also, thanks to your previous post I’m thinking about being a bone marrow donor. Thanks.

  22. Michele Says:

    Please do post a tutorial. Love your site and DVDs

  23. Kim B Dolan Says:

    Love the little bag…………..a tutorial would be great!!