Handi Quilter Templates, Marking Tools and a SALE!!!

February 28th, 2014

Hello Friends!

I don’t know about you but I am so over this winter… is it spring yet?!! I am sure we will have at least a few more weeks of cold, just enough time to finish up another quilting project before we all start heading outdoors! Check out all of our great new products below to give you the tools you need to finish up that current project!

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Feathered Star 3.75″, 5″ and 7″

This feathered star machine quilting design is way cool!  It features intricate detailed stitching of feather plumes and also has hyperquilting inside the center feather motif.  Designed to be stitched on an embroidery machine, this motif gives you the option of creating the design in 4 different thread colors, each corresponding to a different “zone” of the star.  Know that each time the machine pauses for a thread color change, the colors in the design file have no meaning.  (In other words, choose your 4 thread colors based on the particular quilt you’re quilting.)  If you’re wanting a more subdued look, stitch the entire design in just one thread color! This download includes the star files in 3 different sizes: 7 inches x 7 inches; 5 inches x 5 inches; and 3.75 inches x 3.75 inches.  File formats available include ART; EXP; HUS; JEF; PEC; PES; PHC; SEW; VIP; VP3; XXX.  If you need a format you don’t see here, email us and we’ll see if we can covert to your desired file format!

 $11.00… This week only $9.35

Handi Quilter Rulers

  Oval Ruler A 12in 8in & 4in  


Use the HQ oval set A to make curved lines, flower blocks, and looped border designs. Comes in 12″, 8″, and 4″ templates.  

MSRP $50.00… This week only $41.23

Oval Ruler B 10in & 6in

Use the HQ oval set B to make curved lines, flower blocks, and looped border designs. Comes in 10″, and 6″ templates. 


MSRP $40.00… This week only $32.98

Oval Ruler C 12in & 8in





Use the HQ oval set C to make curved lines, flower blocks, and looped border designs. Comes in 12″, and 8″ templates. 


MSRP $40.00… This week only $32.98

Oval Ruler D 10in & 4in


Use the HQ oval set D to make curved lines, flower blocks, and looped border designs. Comes in 10″, and 4″ templates. 


MSRP $30.00... This week only $24.74

Circles Template Set


Use circle templates for concentric circles, Baptist Fans and assorted arcs. Set of 6 circle templates. Use to quilt circles in the following sizes: 2″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″.


MSRP $149.95… This week only $123.63

Don’t forget we also have the Handi Quilt Arc Rulers!



Super Bright LED Light 





Light is powered by sewing machine’s USB port or electrical outlet. Includes velcro backing and a cord guide.

From Artistic Creative Products


MSRP $49.99… This week only $41.22

Zentangle Pigma Pen Set 9pc

1 each of micron 01, 03 & 05 1 each of Zentangle Pencil 5 each of Official ATC Zentangle Tiles 3-1/2in x 3-1/2in 

MSRP $13.99… This week only $11.53

Zentangle Pigma Pen Set 3pc


2 each of micron 01, 1 each of micron 05 

MSRP $9.99… This week only $8.24


Ultimate Marking Pencil Set II .7mm

  For quilters and crafters. Includes pencil, refill tube w/ 12 leads and instruction sheet.
MSRP $5.95...  This week only $4.90

Tweezers Nouveau

Made of quality stainless steel. Pinpoint accuracy, wide handle for a steady grip and reliable clasping strength


MSRP $8.50… This week only $7.01

Pin Pal Magnetic Pin Collector with 25 pins



Pin Pal magnetic pin collector with convenient handle comes with 25 quilting pins. 

MSRP $3.99This week only $3.29

Superior Titanium-Coated
Topstitch Needles Assortment Pack



SUPERIOR Titanium-coated Topstitch ASSORTMENT PACK. Guaranteed to last 5-8 times longer than regular needles. Pack of 5.

Needles in this assortment: #70/10 (1), #80/12 (1), #90/14 (2), #100/16 (1).

From Superior Threads

MSRP $7.00… This week only $5.77


Quilt Lab – The Creative Side of Science


A quilting book like no other, Quilt Lab—The Creative Side of Science by Alexandra Winston is as cerebral as it is artistic. Extrapolating from ideas such as states of matter and calculus, you’ll see scientific disciplines transformed into vibrant quilt designs. Each of the 12 projects, including 9 quilts, has a story, lesson, and idea that exemplifies its scientific design. The author also illustrates the simple “scientific process” of quilting with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and hypotheses for customization. This mind-expanding book will encourage you to find inspiration in unusual places and learn something new!

By Alexandria Winston


MSRP $23.95…  This week only $19.75

Tilda’s Seaside Ideas – Softcover



 Recreate memories of the seaside with simple sewing, papercraft, crochet and knitting projects using the beautiful Tilda fabrics, yarn and embellishments. Be inspired by life at the beach and in the ocean to make gifts, toys and pretty accessories for your home. From adorable whales and fishing girl dolls to hanging mobiles, applique blankets and summer scarves, the designs will take you on a journey of the perfect seaside holiday.

By Finnanger, Tone

 MSRP $12.99… This week only $10.71

Night Sky Quilt



Baby 32in x 46in, Lap 56in x 65in, Twin 70in x 89in, Queen 96in x 102in, King 102in x 108in

From Jaybird Quilts

By Julie Herman

MSRP $10.00..This week only $8.25

Love Birds


Finished size: 142cm x 142cm (56” x 56”)

This pattern includes the complete instructions to create this very sweet quilt that any little girl will fall in love with! The quilt could be used as a wall hanging or a topper for a bed. The design is completed using machine blanket stitch appliqué, turned edge appliqué, free motion machine stitching & trapunto, making the quilt a fun project to try out some new techniques.

The sky is the limit with this design as you can use these appliqué shapes over and over again to create any number of wonderful creations such as; cushions, wall hangings or why not use them to design your own quilt top!
From Don’t Look Now

By Kellie Wulfsohn


MSRP $18.00… This week only $14.84

Rainbow Lollipops



Finished size: 196.5cm x 159cm (78 ½in x 63 ½in)

This pattern includes the complete instructions to create this fun quilt that any little girl would fall in love with! The design is completed using raw edge appliqué and simple piecing techniques, making the applique quick complete & the quilt easy to construct.

The sky is the limit with this design as you can use these appliqué shapes over and over again to create any number of wonderful creations such as; cushions, wall hangings or why not decorate a tote.

From Don’t Look Now

By Kellie Wulfsohn 

MSRP $18.00… This week only $14.84

Building a Machine Quilting Design

February 21st, 2014
The last 2 MEA blocks that I’ve designed, I also designed some free motion quilting (that can be done on the embroidery machine) to go inside the “empty spaces” of the block.  In each of these cases, the FMQ design can also be stitched on a block just by itself.  Here’s one of them that I photographed in stages so you could see it as it was being “built.”  I sometimes used a flash and other times did not so some of these pictures look like the background fabric is blue but it’s really a dark purple.  This first sequence  is stitching in a star shape and it begins with a narrow channel that is stitched as the shape’s outline:
Seems kind of boring at this stage, but it starts looking interesting in phase 2 as plumes are stitched to create a feather outline:
Here’s a closeup that shows it better:
I’m pretty much in love with the design at this point!  Next up is a circular feather to fill the center space:
(I stitched that center feather in a green rayon thread that has a lot of blue in it and although it looks like the earlier turquoise sequence, it really is a different color.   Here’s a close up of this sequence that maybe shows it better:
In the final sequence, the center section is hyperquilted with gold rayon thread:
Again, the background fabric really is purple, so sorry for the lousy photos.  Here’s a closeup of this center section that shows things better:
I love it!  I have an idea of something I could do with this by coupling it with freehand free motion quilting…stay tuned!

Finally…Some free Motion Quilting!

February 18th, 2014
This month may well go down as one of the most oppressive, never-ending, non-fun months of my life!  Part of it is winter…tons and tons of snow that never melts framed by grey skies and the other part is just tons and tons of paperwork/computer work that never seems to end.  Finally, the last week has seen some light of day and I have gotten some quilting done!  It never ceases to amaze me how important some creative work is for my soul.
Anyway, here is a quilt where I’ve been playing with some ruler work on a home domestic sewing machine.  I forgot to take a picture after I’d created the “skeleton” for my FMQ, but the skeleton (aka the pair of arches) is quickly made using a curved ruler:
My favorite line of rulers are the Fine Line Continuous Curve Rulers and I used the 6 1/2 inch and the 10 inch ruler for these arches.  Here’s what these rulers look like:
…and you can find the 6 1/2 inch ruler here and the 10 inch ruler here.  Once I’d created the inner and outer arches, I filled the bottom with McTavishing with an emphasis on swirls and I like how that came out.  Next up, I added a feather to fill the upper section.  I used a slightly different color of thread but it’s pretty subtle:
I am deliberately trying to not completely fill a channel when I add an internal feather structure because the look seems “cleaner.”   I like the way it came out, but wanted to crank it up a bit, so I went back in with Robison Anton 24 karat gold rayon thread and hyperquilted the feather.  You can see that it adds something in this photo where only half of the feather has been hyperquilted:
but I like this photo better:
…and here is the whole feather hyperquilted:
I repeated this between each block but there’s a lot of other space on this quilt that needs to be filled and I haven’t figured out what to do in those spots yet, so this quilt is being put on the back burner.  I have a few other quilts that have just been languishing and I’m feeling a need to totally finish a project… ANY project at this point, so I’m bouncing back and forth between a few of them.  I had started quilting this next quilt a few months ago  and then never got back to it.  If you look at the center and the edges, you’ll see some feather quilting that was done using a stencil:
Here’s a close up of what the center feather shape looks like after it’s been hyperquilted and echo-outlined a couple of times:
My goal for today was to create some type of structure between each pair of feathers that could “marry” the center feather section to all the outer feather structures that have already been quilted.  Here’s a closeup of the space that needs to be filled with some type of a “bridge:”
You can see that my ruler work this time came out not so great!  I thought about ripping it out but then was too lazy to do it.  Next up, I filled these skeletons with another feather structure:
I don’t notice the imperfections of the framework as much now that the feather is inside it…not sure what to make of that.  Just to give you an idea of what I mean when I say I’m creating these structures to use as a bridge, here’s a shot where two of the four bridges have been stitched and you’ll get a sense of how they connect the center to the outside structures.  You’ll see these if you look along the horizontal axis of the center of the quilt:
 I went back in and echo-outlined them a couple times w/turquoise rayon thread, just as I had on the other feather structures.  After that, I hyperquilted them with gold rayon thread, also like I’d done with the earlier feather structures.  Here’s what it looked like at that point:
Don’t they look like they are all meant to go together now?  Now to finish up the ruler work and feathers along the vertical axis!  If you haven’t tried playing with rulers yet, you really should.  This opens up a whole new world of FMQ possibilities.

Nifty Notions, Modern Quilts and More!

February 14th, 2014

Happy Valentines Day, Friends!

The hot new issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited is out!  There are 12 quilt projects, each of which would be a wonderful way to spend a cozy winter day during this final stretch of winter before spring arrives! And don’t you just love Nancy Zieman templates?  Check out these great new templates that can be used time and time again! Make sure you read all the way through so you don’t miss out on any of our nifty new notions!

Remember that each and every retail purchase that you make in our store is being tabulated to count toward a gift certificate you may use for a future purchase.  This is our way of thanking you for being a loyal customer.  Please make sure you are logged into your account when making a purchase to properly track your points.

**Please note that orders placed after 12:00 pm noon on Friday 2/14/2014 will not ship until Tuesday 2/18/2014 as the Post Office will be closed in observance of President’s Day!

Modern Quilts Unlimited Winter 2014


Vol. 3 No.1 Winter 2014


This issue includes:


  • 12 Quilts & Projects for a Cozy Winter
  • Carl Hentsch – 3 Dog Design Studio
  • Making Color Work for You
  • Twirling Trellis by Jen Sorenson
  • Pluses by Emily Herrick
MSRP $8.00… our everyday low price only $7.76

Trace N Create Templates
E-Tablet & Paper Tablet Keepers


Express yourself in style in six different ways! Surf the web, write, or read in style! The E-tablet Keeper, iPAD, and Nook. The paper tablet keeper is handy for storing paper paper tablet notes. The E-tablet and paper tablet keeper template give you two case styles in small, medium and large. The two variations gives you the design freedom to create fashionable cases.

From Clover Needlecraft

 MSRP $19.95… our everyday low price only $19.35

Trace N Create Quilt Templates Carefree Curves Collection


Templates included:

Circle Blocks: 3 size options-14 1/2″, 12 1/2″, 8 1/2″

Hearts & Gizzards Block: 5 size options- 16 1/2″, 14 1/2″, 12 1/2″, 10 1/2″, 8 1/2″

Wagon Wheel Blocks: 5 size options- 24 1/2″, 22 1/2″, 20 1/2″, 18 1/2″, 16 1/2″

Note From Nancy Zieman: These templates create curved designs from squares and rectangles- it’s magic!


MSRP $24.95… our everyday low price only $24.20

Two Piece 10 Degree Ruler

Put the two pieces together for a full standard 10 degree wedge, but this one is easier to take to class and easier to store. It’s a great addition to your sewing bag.

From Phillips Fiber Art

MSRP $24.98… our everyday low price only $24.23

LongHex Template 


Make enlongated hexagons up to 5in x 7-1/4in finished size. 

MSRP $19.09… our everyday low price only $18.52


Ruler Quarter Inch Seam Marker

  Fons And Porter Notions For Quilters. Mark 1/4 inch sewing lines on patchwork pieces with this nifty set of tools. Quick and easy method for half square triangles and hourglass units.
MSRP $14.99…  our everyday low price only $14.54

Less Than Traditional Large Cutting Arcs

10in x 3in  


MSRP $5.49… our everyday low price only $5.33

6in x 4in

MSRP $4.49… our everyday low price only $4.36

3in x 2in

MSRP $1.29... our everyday low price only $1.25

This wonderful ruler has markings to make your Less Than Traditional quilts faster and more accurate. Made of a fluorescent color, the edges of your ruler “light up” your cutting or marking line instead of casting a shadow like traditional rulers. Lines are laser etched on so they won’t wear off and help to grip your fabric as you mark or cut.

From Quilting With Charlie


Double Pointed Duckbill
Applique Scissors 6in


Tired of applique scissors that don’t cut into tight angles? Now, use Elsa’s Double-Pointed Duckbill Scissors! The unique, patent-pending double point of this duckbill scissors allows cutting of sharp angles and tight corners without changing to a smaller scissors.

The wide outer edge of the duckbill still separates and lifts fabric that is cut away while protecting your base layer like traditional duckbill styles. Our lower blades are very thin allowing you to cut super-close to your stitching. And the double curve of the handles keeps your hand up and away from the surface while cutting. Extra large finger loops add comfort.

Crafted from top quality Japanese stainless steel, you’ll enjoy long-lasting edges.


From Havels

MSRP $20.00… our everyday low price only $19.40

Thread Bobbin Stick Holder 6 Slot


Store threads and bobbins in this EZ Quilting Thread Holder. Goes with the 881821001 Thread and Bobbin Stick 

MSRP $22.66… our everyday low price only $21.98


Thread And Bobbin Stick


Goes with the 881822001, Thread Bobbin Stick holder 

MSRP $3.95…  our everyday low price only $3.16


Ergonomic Seam Ripper Large


 Ergonomic rounded design fits comfortably in your hand. Lessens stress on those with arthritis or carpal tunnel. Blade is electronically ground for permanent sharpness and features a safety ball on tip to protect fabric. Can be used to remove seams, stitches and to open buttonholes.

 MSRP $6.79... our everyday low price only $6.59

Ergonomic Seam Ripper Small

Ergonomic rounded design fits comfortably in your hand. Lessens stress on those with arthritis or carpal tunnel. Blade is electronically ground for permanent sharpness and features a safety ball on tip to protect fabric. Can be used to remove seams, stitches and to open buttonholes.

From Dritz

MSRP $6.79.. our everyday low price only $6.59

Seam Ripper with Curved Blade

Remove stitching quickly and easily. Large soft grip handle with thumb hold. Has protective cover. 

MSRP $5.69… our everyday low price only $5.52

Remember this great template…

Hearts & More Templates Small 2pc Set


Hearts and More acrylic templates were developed to simplify cutting applique shapes eliminating the need for tracing and cutting with scissors.  Use the Hearts and More templates to make straight edge and curved edge hearts, ovals, circles, teardrops, flowers and so much more!

The Hearts and More Small Set contains a 4″ and 7″ template.  Each template has a small and large end so a variety of sizes can be made with each set.

A detailed instruction booklet is included with each set but let your imagination guide you to create new applique shapes.

Included in Set:

Template A – 4″
Template B – 7″
Instruction booklet

MSRP $21.95… our everyday low price only $21.29

Well check out this beautiful pattern that goes with it…




Use the Hearts and More templates to make this gorgeous lap quilt.  Learn to cut the flowers with the Leaves Galore small set, or use standard hand applique methods.

  • Rotary Cut Fusible Applique
  • Use the Hearts and More small set
  • Hand Applique Hints
  • Lap Quilt size

Finished Size 49in x 63in

From Sue Pelland Designs


MSRP $9.95.. our everyday low price only $9.65

An Artful Piece Totes & Pillows


There are two design options for both the Tote and the Pillow. The pieced Tote and Pillow are shown using my ‘Hapi-Celestial’ quilting cotton from Rowan, but can be made using any print with a focal design. All of the options for making these totes and pillows offer up wonderful creative opportunities for exploring a variety of techniques that make your project special! For both projects, you can make a pieced & quilted version or simply play with all-over machine quilting to add wonderful texture and interest. An Artful Piece Quilted Tote finished Dimensions: 17″ wide x 16″ tall (excluding handles). An Artful Piece Quilted Pillow finished Dimensions: 22in square.

From Amy Butler Design

MSRP $12.95.. our everyday low price only $12.56



Give and Take Applique Technique where one fused square equals two finished blocks. 45in x 45in. 

From Patch Works Studio. By Greig, Daphne

MSRP $11.00.. our everyday low price only $10.67